Why Griffin ?

A part of St.Anthony’s Industries Group, Anton strives to improve and Impact the Sri Lankan way of life through its products and services. Its latest Griffin product range is an eco-friendly alternative to wall tiles that are easier to use with more value benefits to users.

As an eco-friendly finishing product, Griffin will always guarantee the quality and durability of its products. Customers will have to use them to feel the difference and benefit from the value they provide.

Griffin board made from light weight PVC using a celuka manufacturing process at Anton’s State of the art factory. Griffin will provide an innovative alternative to many finishing applications such as outdoor advertising, furniture fabrication,Interior designing, construction and many more applications.


  • Fire retardant
  • Excellent in heat insulation and heat preservation
  • Waterproof,anti-flaming and self-extinguishing
  • Light weight and anti-corrosive
  • Insect damage proof
  • Better sound insulation and noise absorption
  • Resistant to mold & mildew
  • Tough,rigid with a high impact strength
  • Waterproof,anti-flaming and self-extinguishing
  • Long lasting colour
  • Common carpentry tools can be used for fabrication.
  • Smooth surface, ideal for printing, including UV paints
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Environmental friendly green materials


There are four main product ranges available under the Griffin brand:

  • Griffin Board(white)
  • Griffin Color Boards
  • Griffin Decor (with more than 20 different designs – wood, marble or stone and can be customized).
  • Griffin Decor Luxe


Mainly were commend this Material for furniture manufacturing, Advertising, Interior application such as partitioning walls or decorative installations and for Construction industry.


Customers are assured of multiple benefits if they choose Griffin boards. Some of its unique features include its waterproof, anti-flaming and self-extinguishing characteristics, as well as being fire retardant, excellent in heat insulation and preservation, and resistant to mold and mildew. The Griffin boards are lightweight and anti-corrosive, and are protected from insect damage. They also provide better sound insulation and noise absorption, while being known for being tough and rigid with high-impact strength. Made of environmentally friendly materials, they are deal for printing and customization, while being easy to clean and maintain. we assure 100% environmentally friendly products that will add value by being a cost-effective in many ways and versatile product.

Special notes

  • Water absorption level is very minimum in Triple layer (3L) sheets compared to single layer (1L)
  • Hot-stamps sheet’s has UV coating
  • For gluing can be use “silicon & PU Glue”
  • Can be manufacture color pigmented Griffin sheets according to client’s special requirement ;but depend on the volume of the order
  • Triple Layer(3L) has sound proof ability for some extend due to the middle foam layer
  • All ingredients mix according to a special formula


Characteristics GRIFFIN PLYWOOD MDF/Medium Density fiber board PARTICLE BOARD
Water & Moisture Proof ✔️
Thermite & Pest Proof ✔️
Boiling Water Proof For longer time period For longer time as compared For longer time as compared For longer time as compared
Borer Proof ✔️
No shrinking or No Sweling ✔️
Fire retardant ✔️
Corrosion Retardant ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Light Weight ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Splinter Free ✔️
Maintenance Free ✔️
Environmental Friendly ✔️
Smooth Surface Much more smoother Less smoother Less smoother Less smoother
Out-Door Adaptability ✔️
Gluing & Lamination ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Weather & Ageing ✔️
High screw & Nail Holding Capacity ✔️ ✔️
Sawing & Cutting ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Use traditional tools ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

pvc foam board

Product Name PVC Foam Sheet
Size 8 x 4,8 x 3.5,(length can be customized)
Thickness 2mm > 30mm
Density 0.5g/cm3
Color White/ colored board and Hot Stamped designs / pvc foil laminated boards are available
Certificate ISO9001
Weldable Yes
Water Saturation <1%
Tensile Strength 10~20MPa
Elongation at Break 30.7%
Vicat Softening Point 58.1°C
Impact Strength /td> 8~15KJ/m2
Shore Hardness D40~47
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity 800~900MPa
Bending Strength 12~18MPa
Life Span >50years
Flame Retardant self-extinguishing less than 5 seconds
Modulus of Rupture 17.1N/mm2
Temperature of Deflection Under Load 51.5°C
Burning Characteristics V-0
Modulus of Elasticity 1329.6N/mm2
Surface Resistivity 11.3mΩ/cm2

Bonding strength of Griffin

Curing time,
Products Results Specification For
Solvent Cement
Used Solvent
Used Silicon
16 hrs 5mm Single layer 0.935 Mpa 0.092 Mpa 2.8 Mpa
5 mm Triple layer 1.13 Mpa 0.105 Mpa
6mm Triple layer 2.10 Mpa 0.057 Mpa
72 hrs 5mm Single layer 2.358 Mpa 0.094 Mpa 5.5 Mpa
5 mm Triple layer 2.384 Mpa 0.098 Mpa
6mm Triple layer 3.713 Mpa 0.058 Mpa
Tested Property Unit Test Result
Average Standard
Density kg/m2 5.24 0.13
Tensile Strength MPa 10.2 0.8
Elongation At Break % 30.
Modulus of Rupture N/mm2 17.1 1.1
Water Absorbtion % 1.29 0.02
Temperature of Deflection
Under Load
°C 51.5 1.6
Burning Characteristics
of the material in a vertical position
[Conditioned as per clause 8.1.1 of
ASTM D3801-00]
Not Applicable V-0
(Material Classification)
Modulus of Elasticity
(Static 3-Point Bending)
N/mm2 1329.6 28.3
Vicat softening Temperature °C 58.1 1.0
Surface Resistivity MΩ/cm2 11.3
Hardness N 1244.3 5.6

There is nothing more important for a home/business than strength and security, so make the right choice when it comes to your property or Production from a material which is robust,sturdy,and guaranteed to last.

Put your faith in Griffin and discover just how easy it is to resist the forces of nature.